lundi 4 octobre 2010


Bon, en fait je suis mauvaise en critique littéraire, alors à la place, je vous donne un extrait, et après vous faites comme vous voulez. C'est bien non?

"He had not fully understood the events of the first two acts but knew that this was perfectly ok because one would have to be quite naive to expect good sense as well as good songs. Anyway, it would all be explained in the last act (…). It would almost certainly turn out that the woman one of the men had been rather daringly courting would be his own wife, but so cunningly disguised by a very small mask that her husband wouldn’t have spotted that she wore the same clothes and had the same hairstyle. Someone’s serving man would turn out to be someone else’s daughter in disguise; someone would die of something that didn’t prevent them from singing about it for several minutes; and the plot would all be resolved by some coincidences which, in real life, would be as likely as a cardboard hammer."

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